10 Resolutions To Help You Smash 2017

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10 Resolutions To Help You Smash 2017

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10 Resolutions Smash 2017 Cedric Mills

Smash 2017

Whenever a new year begins, I write down certain aspects of my life that I want to see Improve. Once this is done, I open up Google calendar and create several reminders. These reminders nudge me to evaluate my progress. For the most part, I tend to stay on course more or less. However, there are times when I’m a little stagnant.  Below is this year’s attempt to escape mediocrity and pull from the drudgery. I guess you could call them resolutions.

1. Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude was last year’s resolution and it’s this year’s sequel. Learn how to be grateful for all the things that you have been given in life. If you have a talent, show your gratitude for it by making the most of it on a daily basis.

2. Create A Positive Morning Ritual.

Smash the monotony with a morning routine. Whether it be listening to a podcast or music, doing some meditation or exercise. Whatever it is, remember that this is a time for you to have to yourself. This time should also be free from all kinds of distractions. For example, I like to drink a special type of water and do some calisthenics. Weather permitting, I also like to go for a run. I go as early as I possibly can. Before the sun comes up. The earlier in the day you feel good about yourself, the better. This will allow you to be more open about taking in more ideas. It will allow you to grow more and discover life’s lessons.

3. Do You.

All of us are unique individuals. We were not called to be or do the same as others. There is no long term gain in following trends. Embrace your unique way of doing things. Sure, you can be influenced by others around you. But you do not need to do the exact same thing as they are doing. Always be unique and original. Stand out from others.

4. Forget About Haters.

There is nothing wrong with asking peers to comment on the work you have done. This can assist you with improving your skills. However, do not let haters influence you. It is a negative thing that none of us need. Haters have a job to do; 24/7. It is best to avoid them, focus on creating. Don’t be a hater.

5. Draw Or Die.

Are you a ‘Sick wit’ the pen’? Then no doubt you love to create. Whatever kind of art you do, you can be sure that it will give you peace and solitude. This year, do your best to feel a new wave of energy wash over you every day. You are a creator; 24/7.

6. Do Things That Make Your Uncomfortable.

Step outside the comfort zone. Let others know what you’re doing even if you do not like to advertise. Whilst it might feel like you are bragging, your new experiences and growth may be a help to others. You do not want to run the risk of not getting a chance to assist clients that may require your talent. Spread the word. Participate in a variety of different groups, meet up with other people and go onto forums. You never know what you might discover out there.

7. Always keep A Sketchpad.

Always take a sketchpad with you everywhere you go. Doing this will not only help our eyes, but it will also keep you away from your phone. Before you know it, you will want to sketch everything. You will soon forget about taking selfies!

8. Learn How To Write With Rhythm.

Make this a year for correspondence. Writing is a fantastic way to express yourself. Writing is just as important as your other talents. With writing, there comes rhythm. The only way to discover this is to write as often as you can. Just write, it does not matter what it is about.

9. Take care of self.

Our physical, mental and spiritual health is vital. Those who enjoy creating enjoy self-expression. However, how can you do this if you are not feeling well most of the year? It is also important to be healthy financially. It feels good to help the people we care about. Maintain good health in all areas so we can be there when we’re needed.

10. Forget About Competing. Just Create.

A lot of people believe the world is a creative place. But you will soon forget about this if you are concentrating on moving forward, learning and creating. Ignore what others are doing. Concentrate on what you are creating instead. No doubt others will begin to appreciate the work that you do and will soon begin to let you know. Don’t get jealous of others. All of us are on our own journey in life.

And there we have it. My list for 2017. The reminders are set, we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, here’s wishing you all the best for 2017. I hope it offers many blessings and much success.

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