6 tips to keep your creative streams flowing

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6 tips to keep your creative streams flowing

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Tips On Creativity By Cedric Mills

Cedric Mills

It’s not surprising that graphic designers sometimes lose their enthusiasm to work, and just run out of ideas to use for projects. We labor day in and out designing all types of magnificent compositions and the stress and workload of this can take its toll and exhaust creativity.

If you find that your creativity seems to have ‘vanished’ into thin air, it’s time you explored ways to replenish the reserve and get more of that mojo back in the system.

1. Books help

Reading both sci-fi and non-fiction books help trigger your creativity as they keep your mind busy thinking and imagining whatever you read. Your subconscious mind enters another world when you read and you find ideas ticking in once you return to reality. 

It’s then left to you to use your brushes to bring some life to your recreated imagination. Once you frame them into designs, they will be unique to you, reflecting your personality and background.

2. Start listing

Make as long a list as possible of the different things you want to create and repeat this everyday for a week. Take a look at the lists at the end of the week to filter out the feasible and ridiculous ides. 

Use your best ideas to design whatever you have listed out with your favorite creative medium. You get even better designs and effects by using unfamiliar materials like clay instead of paint as it helps spike your creativity and thinking. 

3. Go to bed

Don’t deprive yourself of your sleep in a bid to meet deadlines as the best way to unclog your brain is by getting a good night’s sleep or taking a power nap. Your mind won’t function properly if it’s unclear and you are feeling sleepy. 

If you find yourself feeling tired or confused, take some rest as you’ll wake up with a clear and focused mind ready for reflection. Of course, sometimes your feeling down can help inspire you if you are looking for melancholy-inspired designs. 

4. Go to the gym

Exercising helps you concentrate. If you find you are losing concentration, it’s time to go for a walk, hit the gym or find a workout buddy. Exercising not only elevates your mood, it also produces neurons and regulates hormones to help you focus and think more clearly. Moreover, a change in surroundings helps put your mind in the present moment which in turn helps trigger your creativity. 

5. Go outside

Don’t just sit in front of the computer hoping for ideas to crop up. You need to look around as the world is yours, and is full of ideas and inspiration. You need to explore your world by touching, seeing, hearing and smelling new things in your surroundings. 

Take photographs, draw your notes. Learn to observe nature as you never know where your next idea will come from. It even helps to look at things with a different perspective and look for different solutions and methods to handle your everyday tasks. 

6. Go crazy

Oh yeah! You need to set yourself free and do something crazy, but tolerable, and completely out of your comfort zone. By embracing the unexpected you get a natural high as your adrenaline levels increase once you attempt the unknown. 

You could perhaps try rock climbing, going scuba diving or hiking, joining a group race or paint ball. You basically have to do something out of the ordinary to experience varied sensations and use the resulting experience to trigger your inspiration.

Remember, you can’t expect to get creative designs every time you sit in front of the computer. Creativity encompasses much more than canvasses, color mixing, drawing different images and experimenting with different brushes and tools. It also involves digging deep into your thoughts to find ideas worth presenting to the outside world. 

Come out of the block and find new ways of getting inspired and confident. Learn to trust your instincts. Work on them if you feel discouraged as you never know when your ideas will click. 

You need to try and try again and keep on practicing. Creativity can be compared to your muscles where it needs to be exercised constantly to produce optimal results. You too can start ‘exercising’ your creativity by putting your pen to the pad. 

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