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Keynote Speaking Agency Logo Design

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Create a design for keynote speaking agency “MVP Presenters” – a group of HR professionals, speakers and authors that have come together to form a professional speaking group. The design brief requested

“Something strong.  Nothing abstract.  Bold. With a little color.”

MVP stands for Multivarious Voice Presenters a company that targets industries which require insight on executive leadership, diversity, high performance and human resource procedures. 

The client’s request was straightforward, however, I had to educate myself on the services provided by a keynote speaking agency as well as competition. Gathering the details about the company and members is where the bulk of my time went.

Original Design

After looking at the original design and learning more about the individual members, I was able to start working on the project.

Logo Design For Keynote Speaking Agency

MVP Presenters Original Logo

My first step was to take a look at the original logo. The typeface was large and bold with the middle letter bright red. I was informed that this was intentional and decided to keep this in. From here the usual process begins with sketching rough drafts on typing paper or whatever I have on hand. I will use post notes, napkins or old receipts depending on when an idea presents itself. I normally spend a day or two with this step of the process, jotting down as many ideas as I can.

Logo Design MVP Presenters by Cedric Mills

Rough thumbnail sketches | @Cedric Mills

The brief plays an important part in this step as well, at least for me. Having something to fall back on as a reference keeps me on track. There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into something only to look up and see the project is off the rails.  So having some type of documentation, email or text to refer to is helpful. However, In this case, everything was pretty clear because I had enough preliminary information to keep me focused.


Once the general idea was clear I began looking at what typeface matches the objective of the client. This is where I develop a typeface pallet. I try to keep it at two styles or less. Never more than three unless a particular affect merits breaking the rules. Letters, depending on the typeface, can also convey the message with little or no graphics. The battle is nearly won when this happens. Less is more and I try to keep with that theme and let the fonts tell the story if possible.

Type face pallet Cedric Mills

Typeface pallet | @Cedric Mills


Corporate or business colors are the default. However, when no particular color is specified I try to keep everything black and white. Logos that work with the basics will work with all the bells and whistles as well.  The only color requirement was to have the middle letter red.

Keeping the mission and objective at the forefront, doing the ground work and field research helped me deliver the final product to the client. Only a few revisions were requested and the client was satisfied with the end results.

MVP Presenters: Keynote Speaking Agency

Cedric Mills Logo Designs

MVP Presenters modular, encapsulated logo and logotype | @Cedric Mills








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